5/21 2010

A Good Friend Asked Me

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A friend asked me just the other day, do you like to write things down?
I said – I do, but only if I feel inspired.
Now I’m thinking, why couldn’t we write things down more often? If you already do, I think that’s amazing and I would like to join you. If only to bring all the thoughts we have in our heads out into the open, to let them breathe a little bit and get some sunshine on their faces. Maybe that will help us notice which thoughts have been hiding in dark places, not wanting to be seen, and which thoughts need to be exercised more regularly like a young golden retriever who needs to run around outside to grow healthy and strong.
My friend also got me thinking about another self-inquiry – balancing what the world says we need and what we say we need (you can tell this friend is of a high-quality nature by now, yes?). I responded with something like – isn’t it all about finding the deepest, most ‘authentically us’ place inside ourselves that we can and then listening to what this place has to say about everything?
If that sounds right to you, the question becomes, how do we get there? How do we live our lives in such a way? How do we really know ourselves and what we need and want from life? Ha! I can only laugh at these questions because haven’t humans been asking them in some form or another for our entire existence as a species? Every time we start a fight, every time we suffer inside because of anxiety or confusion or anger, every time we chase blindly after things in life that won’t make us happy, every time that we are afraid of living fully, aren’t we fundamentally saying that we wish we knew ourselves better?

It could be a stretch for some, but it seems to me that our own suffering comes from a lack of self knowledge. Following the wrong path is a paradox too – sometimes we have to suffer the uphill walk so that we can see the beautiful vista at the top of the hill, then continue on to the next trail.
If there’s a conclusion to any of these words, then maybe its something like this – if listening to good friends carefully can lead to wonderful realizations about life, then maybe we should make ourselves our best friend in the entire world.

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