About Be Peace

What does Being Peace mean to you?

BePeace.org is a community dedicated to spreading self-awareness, compassion, and joy by sharing inspiring writings, art, and music. Its intention is to provide a forum where cultivating a sense of inner peace and an understanding of oneself takes place.

Why art and videos and music?

By using eclectic media and genres, hopefully everyone can find something on BePeace.org that is accessible to them. Art can be fuel for being kind to others, inspiration to learn more about ourselves, motivation to work on becoming more compassionate. Beauty can make us open up to our world, to soften, to slow down. We can then use this inner change as a means to create the type of communities – and world – that we would like to live in.

Peace Out There.

Historically, we have tried to attain something like ‘world peace’ by manipulating things outside of us. We have created peace-keeping organizations, started wars to create peace, and above all else pleaded and prayed for a time when everything will be alright.

Inner Peace.

After such a long period of failing to create peaceful communities, and the increasingly violent and destructive times that we are now living in, doesn’t it seem like we need to approach this problem in a different way?

A Community for Your Journey.

Check back often for words, art, and music to accompany and inspire you on your journey. All entries are submitted by a worldwide community of people dedicated to Being Peace themselves.