4/21 2010

Answers from Deepak Chopra

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Thanks to Kaye Lee for submitting a link to a Deepak Chopra interview in which he answers the big questions we spiritual beings on a human path ask. We couldn’t embed the video, but you can view the full video here.
Below is just a short taste of some of the things that Deepak touches on in the interview.

Interviewer: How can we get rid of violence in the world?
Chopra: To get rid of violence ask yourself if you are totally nonviolent in every thought, action and behavior of yours. If, today, you can make the commitment that every thought of yours and every behavior of yours is nurturing and loving to your immediate environment, the world would transform because you are the universe. At the most fundamental level you are not separate from it. We give Nobel prizes for peace to people who have no peace in their lives, in their families. You want to create peace? Become a beacon of peace yourself.
Interviewer:What are some the greatest qualities humans possess?
Chopra: Wonder, a sense of mystery. To ask questions. Where did I come from? What is the meaning of my existence? Do I have a soul? What happens when I die? Does God exist and does she care about me? These are the qualities that humans beings have that other animals don’t. Also, the ability to love and the ability to have awareness of our mortality as a body-mind system. We are the only species that is aware of our mortality and with that comes the great desire to look into the unknown. So if you can step into the unknown every moment, and be aware of the great mystery of your existence, than you have realized your humanity. If you’re not totally amazed and bewildered and mystified by yourself then you’re still not fully human.

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