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Yasmin Levy – Hallelujah
3/19 2011

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Plastic Bag
5/6 2010

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This is a really well made, beautiful short film about a plastic bag’s life. It narrates and takes you through its time spent in a grocery store to the time spent polluting the beach and potentially causing harm to the sea life. The cinematography, music, story line, even the voice of the plastic bag, all play so well together to create a story this is not only creative and beautiful, but leaves a lasting impression about plastic bag waste.

Take My Time
4/27 2010

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My good friend Abram Leon sent in a really lovely video that he made recently of him exploring around his town in Japan during cherry blossom season. He wrote and performed the song too. Spring is definitely here, thanks Abram!

3/10 2010

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Abaji is a what you might call a multi-instrumentalist. On his most recent album he played 10 instruments, and owns over 250 instruments from around the world.

Marisa Monte – Para Ver as Meninas
3/6 2010

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I heard this song today for the first time and could not stop listening to it. It was written by Paulinho da Viola, the man who accompanies the Brazilian singer Marisa Monte in the video. The lyrics go so well with that hauntingly beautiful melody, I think. A samba of the infinite.

Alan Watts Part 2
3/4 2010

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Here’s part two of Alan Watt’s talk. Single track mind, infinite universe. Oh my.

Edible Roof
2/21 2010

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The first certified organic farm on a rooftop is on top of Uncommon Grounds restaurant in Chicago. Check out how they do things.

Thich Nhat Hanh
1/30 2010

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Thich Nhat Hanh is beyond inspirational; I dont think that’s quite the right word for him. Maybe I would describe him as “profoundly eloquent”, but that doesnt even seem to describe his impact accurately, either. He simply radiates peacefulness.

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Alan Watts – A Conversation With Myself
1/18 2010

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Alan Watts was a philosopher, speaker, religious scholar and author who helped to popularize Eastern philosophy in the West in the 1960s. He was a bit controversial, very well-spoken, and “blew a lot of minds” in the acid-soaked 60s counter-culture. He became a sort of Pop-Culture Authority on topics like Zen Buddhism, spirituality, and attaining higher consciousness.
Alan Watts

Elis Regina – Águas de Março
1/11 2010

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Elis Regina was a beautiful Brazilian singer who sang beautiful music. Simply amazing.