4/19 2010

Poem to Myself

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Resist nothing, dear friend.
Resist nothing and see what thoughts of wisdom may come to you from your own depths like so many schools of brightly-colored fish, free to swim out into the world and flourish.
Let the light in your eyes shine as bright as the sun for each and every face that they rest upon.
Let the clouds and the rain nourish your spirit as much as the warmth of summer afternoons does the same.
Let the problems and hardships of your day be your greatest teachers, your perfect opportunities for gracefulness and patience.

Let the hopes and dreams of the world be a carefully held mirror, through which you notice your own heart’s rhythm, your own spirit’s calling, your own inspirations beckoning you to shine brighter and brighter.
Let the noise and movement of the city be an alarm clock for which you are filled with the deepest gratitude, for the time to awaken from dreaming is now.
The time to resist nothing, dear friend, is now.

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