1/25 2010

Randal Roberts

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I’ll let Randal’s art speak for itself…
…but I will say that I first saw Randal’s portrait of Alan Watts hanging in the Omega Institute’s library. I really liked the painting, but didn’t know who the artist was, so I couldn’t find an image of it online when I remembered it and wanted to use it for an Alan Watts post I did last week.

Un-relatedly, a mutual Omega Institute friend Cori suggested to Randal that he submit something to bepeace.org. I found out Randal was the painter of that Alan Watts portrait (of course) – here it is along with some of his other work. I love fun, weird connections like that.
Alan Watts
Josiahs Flower

I hope you’ll visit his site – allofthisisforyou.com.

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