3/6 2010

Silence – Part 4 of OTC Series

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Here’s some more writings from Omega Teen Campers. This time Ian Elliott shares his thoughts in writing.


I want to bottle up all the silence,
that comes with the snow.
And let you listen,
over, and over.
For we only learn,
not when we speak,
but listen.

Life moves at a breathless pace

True Fact: You will get swept up in it. It is inescapable. Shit happens frequently in life, like boulders in a river rapid. You can hit the boulders, or you can attempt to steer around them. Either way, you can learn something from the experience. That is the proper perspective from which one should view life. Every experience should not be looked back on with regret, but instead every experience should be looked at as an opportunity to learn. That way, when you are on your deathbed, you can look back on your life without resentment, while knowing that you have become the wisest you can be.

The System

I have come to a realization. The System is broken. We, the youth, are in a battle against the System, so that we can bring justice to ourselves and others. We realize that there is something that needs fixing and we want, naturally, to fix it. However, this struggle, to fix the problem, is more than just an uphill battle. No, it is an up-cliff battle. We set out to climb the face of the mountain, so that we can reach the summit and tear down the System from the inside out.
We start out on the climb, confident of ourselves and our purpose. But, along the climb, something changes. We begin to see the inner workings of the System. And this new view “enlightens” us. We notice that we can make the System work for ourselves. This series of revelations change us. Our basic human instinct, to look out for our own ass, kicks in, and we no longer care if the System has been unfair to others. By the time we have reached the summit, we are changed people. We know that the System is broken, but we also know that it is survivable, because we survived it. So, we forget our original intent, and admit that the System is the status quo. And we lay down our arms, and we lay down to the System.
Admittedly, this is our failing. We have failed ourselves, our friends, our children, their children, and every generation to follow. The System has been in place before we even recognized it. And it will always be there, oppressing the young and vigorous, and protecting the old and “learned”. There is no way of fighting it, there is no way of stopping it. But, such is the way of the System.

Author’s Comments
I know this seems a wee bit on the depressing side, however I wrote it after I had a very intense and disheartening experience with my campus police. I want this, if anything, to be an inspiration to everyone to strive to fix what is wrong, no matter how insurmountable it may seem.

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